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Everything Souvenir You'll Need Is Here    
Langkawi.ASIA Nestled at the foothills of Machincang, the quaint Oriental Village features more than 40 different souvenir stores, activity providers and restaurants. Most significantly, it is home to the world-class cable car ride offered by Panorama Langkawi, elephant rides by Elephant Adventures and many other activities.

Once featuring branded goods, the Oriental Village has undergone several changes but since current store holders generally do not pay commissions to drivers, the Village does offer shoppers some of the best deals on the island. The Village is open 365 days a year, regardless of whether Langkawi Cable Car is operating or having to shut down due to weather conditions or for maintenance.


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Takes Your Breath Away!
Langkawi.ASIA Panorama Langkawi–formerly known as Langkawi Cable Car–is arguably one of the best tourist attractions in the country. It operates cable car rides from its base station at the Oriental Village to the top of the 700m-plus Mt. Machincang. Featuring the steepest incline in the world for cable car rides, a ride to the top is equally breathtaking as are the stunning views from atop the 550 million year old mountain.

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Elephant Riding IS Available on Langkawi    
Langkawi.ASIA Yes! There ARE elephants in Malaysia but elephant riding is limited to only two locations in the country (as at the time of this writing). Nevertheless, elephant riding IS available on Lankawi and it is exclusively available at the Oriental Village, where you will encounter "Lasah," the resident male elephant.

Elephant Adventures offers several ride options from the 5-minute fun ride to jungle rides.
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Discover Langkawi's First Tiger & More    
Langkawi.ASIA The Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit is dedicated to increasing the awareness of the tiger and highlight the plight of the 500 remaining Malayan tigers in the country's forest. It is the only privately operated interpretive center in the country that provides much information on tigers, Malayan tigers and the tiger on exhibit.

Entry to the Gallery has been FREE since it opened in February 2010, but visitors may now enjoy an excellent cup of Lao coffee while observing "Zanah." Please see Bolaven Cafes Langkawi below for more information.

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Excellent Organic Coffee    
Langkawi.ASIA In a collaborative effort with Bolaven Cafes (HK), a fledgeling international cafe chain, the Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit now features a menu of excellent organically grown coffee from Laos and a menu of light meals.

Bolaven Farms coffee, which is grown in the fertile volcanic soil of the Bolaven Plateau in Laos, have rich aromas with a hit of caramel and chocolate. You will not find a better coffee at the Oriental Village.

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Langkawi.ASIA Laila's offers diners an excellent variety of naans, kebabs, lamb shank stews, biryani rice and many other popular dishes. Portions are large while prices are reasonable.


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Ride into a Global Geopark Today!
Langkawi Adventures Tread lightly into a UNESCO Global Geopark on one of several available All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs) or quad bikes at the Oriental Village for a unique adventure as quad bikers traverse undulating terrain, pools of water, rock outcrops and other challenging obstacles.

Quad Adventures are only available to adults of 16 years and above. For safety reasons, the operator does not allow tandem riding.


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Unique Gifts at the Village or Online    
Langkawi.ASIA The Elephant Shoppe features a small but unique variety of gifts including hand-made sea urchin and starfish jewelry; homemade leather goods; and other locally-branded souvenirs.

In case you miss out on some of the products during your visit here, you can also find their products online at

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